Plantable Seed Paper Hearts

Your seed paper hearts are handmade in the UK by artisan paper makers and embedded with 24 types of British wildflower seed.
When planted the seeds germinate, the paper composts away, and all that remains are flowers.


1.Gently soak your seed paper hearts in 5mm of water and keep in natural light. After a few days or weeks, the seeds will start sprouting.
2. Fill your empty candle jar with compost and place your sprouting seed paper hearts on top.
3. Water regularly and put the pot somewhere warm and sunny.
4. Grow - when the seedlings have grown you can repot them or plant directly into the garden.



Common Agrimony 1%, Borage 7%, Wild Clary 4%, Red clover 3%, White clover 1%, Corn cockle 8%, Cornflower 6%, Ox-eye daisy 5%, Wild Foxglove 3%, Common Knapweed 6%, Greater Knapweed 5%, Purple loosestrife 1%, Wild Marjoram 1%, Meadow Cranesbil 1%, Musk mallow 5%, Common Poppy 5%, Ragged robin 2%, Sainfoin 7%, Field Scabious 7%, Small Scabious 3%, Teasel 1%, Bird's-foot trefoil 2%, Kidney vetch 2%, Viper's bugloss 2%, Yarrow 5%, Yellow Rattle 7%.