About us

Our mission at Three Seeds Candles is to create exceptional quality candles which are clean, pure, beneficial and eco-friendly. 

Clean :  Our wax is totally plant based soy wax, this has a very clean burn and contains NO palm, beeswax or petroleum derived products.

Pure :   We use only 100% pure essential oils, NO chemical fragrances whatsoever.  

Beneficial : Essential oils not only smell great they can also have an effect on your wellbeing.

Reuse and Recycle our jars :  Once the wax has gone fill the glass jar with soil, plant the three seed papers and grow a little jar of British wildflowers. And once you are no longer reusing your jar it is readily recycled. 

Recycled labels, wrap and pack : All of our labels, wrapping and packaging is always recycled and recyclable

Quality : We blend, wick, pour and label all our candles by hand in small batches ensuring each and every one is perfect for you.


There are three sisters behind the brand, follow us on Instagram to meet us and see behind the scenes.