About our candles

Wax. :  Our wax is a totally plant based soy wax, this has a very clean burn and contains NO palm, beeswax or petroleum derived products. The wax is biodegradable and remaining wax can be safely washed from the jar with warm, soapy water.

Essential Oils  :   We use only 100% pure essential oils, NO chemical fragrances whatsoever.

Wicks. :   We use wooden wicks in our medium size candles which gently crackle whilst burning. Our large three wick candle and our mini candle use natural fibre cotton wicks for a clean burn.

Jars. :  We use amber glass jars with aluminium caps which we hope you will be able to reuse. Both are recyclable.


Caring for your candle 

The candles are not too fussy, the most important thing is to allow the first burn to melt the wax all the way across the top to the edges of the jar. This will mean the candle burns down evenly and will not create a tunnel in the middle.

The wick should look after itself but occasionally a little ash falls into the wax discolouring the surface. This will not affect fragrance of your candle.

After burning for three hours it's a good idea to blow it out, you will still get plenty of scent throw from the warm wax and it means your candle will last longer.